Jonathan Theodorou, Photography

Jon has made a name for himself around MECA as the go-to photographer for documenting student work. His laid back professionalism makes him a great guy to work with and produces stunning, high-quality images. Most of the images on this site are his handy work, and I can't thank him enough for all the help. His personal work takes more of a fine-arts approach.  


Forest Gagné, Fine Woodworking

Forest is a fellow MECA wood alum. He prides himself on the craftmanship and finish of his architecturally inspired pieces. Finding a kind balance between form and function is also essential to his work. 

Hugh McCormick, Graphic Design

Hugh is an up-and-coming graphic designer. His work tends to make big statements without overwhelming the composition. His use of space, color, and contrast, as well as his sense of humor, set him appart.  

Carter Shappy, Print Making

Carter is painter who has discovered printmaking. His eye for color eccentuates the uniqueness and unpredictability found only in certain types of printmaking. 

John Dickinson, Woodwork

John is a fun loving Mainer and his designs reflect his positive outlook on life. Look for a variety of wood types in his well crafted work.